[Stackless] PyCon 2014 stackless sprints?

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 22 20:26:45 CET 2014

Hi Kristjan:

Well last week, I faxed my registration  and have to mail a money order. If they accept it cool. If not, oh well. However I actually live in Montreal. So I don't see why I would have to register for sprints?

I would be interested in working on gEvent (whatever that exactly means) and/or Tulip compatibility.  Is there anything in particular to look at in terms of integration?

Recently I have been working with socket.io and rabbit-mq (although we are a Python shop). Unfortunately I have been using Node.js. I would really really really prefer to use Stackless. Consequently I am going to look at gEvent socket.io (I think one of the guys that worked on this lives in Montreal).


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   1. PyCon 2014 stackless sprints? (Kristj?n Valur J?nsson)


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Apparently PyCon 2014 just sold out.

But for those that are going, I was thinking if there would be interest in sprinting some on Stackless?
I'll aim to stay for two whole days of sprinting myself, as I have been doing in the past.

So, if there is interest, we might think about what to sprint on:

    - Backporting the most delicious 3.x features (need to list those)
    - Adding android cross compilation features (PythonOnAndroid)

General stackless:
    - Working on stacklesslib
        - Adding gevent compatibility
        - Work on Tulip compatibility
        - 3.x compatibility / different version

General python:
    - Add thread.send_exception() method (similar to tasklet.raise_exception().  Very useful for tasklets, will be useful for threads.)  Maybe a 2.8 unique feature :)

any other thougts, suggestions?  We shoud probably add this on the python-dev wiki :)



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